The True Colors!

Ikanshi Khanna
2 min readMar 17, 2022

Did you noticed them yet??

Interestingly this Holi I happened to notice the existence of some Organic, Florescent, and True Colors in my life. Not sure if you guys already have them or still waiting to identify them for yourself. Let us together find out!!!

Considering the specialty of these colors, trust me you can never buy them or in fact find them easily in any shop or market. The only way to reach or afford these packets full of true colors is…

  • by gradually doing some in-depth research about your life, your choices, your connection, and
  • certainly market search of the available products and further doing their comparison.

Ahhh, one has to really invest in them before they get to you and leave a mark or completely ruin your face, clothes, soul, personality and whatnot!

Some of these colors are not as exclusive as they look on their faces, because when you just apply them and get to know about their REAL QUALITY…ufff…you just immediately want to get RID of them.

Most of these colors come in great packaging, having a friendly tag pasted on all over its wrapper. But what we as buyers always miss is careful readings of the warning signs mentioned on it that we tend to ignore.

Is it not the same, in the case of people we have been keeping in our lives? Is it not true that we miss some of the RED FLAGS or TRUE COLORS intentionally?

Hell...Yes, there is this miss!! Because what all is given by these people — the so-called close ones is packaged so well, that you just can’t identify their true colors.

The true Colors- the blog is dedicated to some of the people

I know

I have heard about

I have met

I have dated

I made friends with

Are acquaintances or my relatives

Just start identifying some of these true colors of people around, trust me it can be your best relative, your best cousin, your sweetest colleague, or just another friend with whom you are sipping your favourite mojito or coffee. These are those handfuls of people who are chilling in your life for free!

THIS HOLI PROMISE YOURSELF THAT YOU WILL RAISE YOUR STANDARDS… by adding some quality people. It is hard but not impossible.