Ikanshi Khanna
4 min readDec 1, 2023

Part 2- You won’t/can’t | Watch me if you can

  1. Maldives is a place for couples, you won’t enjoy it!

Made 4 friends including 1 Indian and 1 local.

2. You won’t find a budgeted hotel in your salary!

Maladiwa- the boutique hotel in Maafushi island and has everything including a sea view balcony.

3. Water Villas are so expensive and are for lovers you will get bored you won’t be able to book or go there!

Booked a day tour to Vadoo — an experiential day-long stay in the water villa to flaunt your stories.

4. You can’t book Uber or Ola it’s not safe for girls to travel alone!

2-speed boat guys became rescuers in no time and ensured I was not left behind in any ride.

5. You can’t enjoy meals alone on an island!

Fed and enjoyed eating with more than 20 cats during my trip. Partying a full night with the all-women resort staff is a memory forever.

6. You can’t spend on your trip it’s your sister’s wedding in the next 2 months!

Certainly I can’t, hence the couple sponsored it- The Highlight.

7. You won’t be able to do everything in 4 nights!

Fed-fetched-cached fishes in just one day during snorkeling and night fishing experience- create your package wisely.

8. Being a solo traveler you won’t be able to create a solid photo or video bank for your memories!

My Insta stories are bombs and my shadow pictures/videos killed it wide.

9. You don’t even have a beach body right now!

Did you check my new beachwear honey?

10. You don’t get alcohol easily on any island and evenings are dull!

Immerse yourself into something so local and creative!

From Water sports to local painting and finally drinking ginger beers!
Some more treats :)

This December is already a blast for me, as I went on my first SOLO VACATION ON A MALDIWIAN ISLAND on my 35th Birthday. The nervousness, the chills, and the fears couldn’t be explained, however, the thrill and fun I had during my holidays made me realize how awesome it can be to just travel with YOURSELF!

While some wondered joyously why I traveled alone to Maldives others continued to pity me for being alone. This would still not stop me from sharing my experience with you all. So here’s summarizing my Maldivian Journey with 3Ts.

Trust- just your gut, people around you and the choices you make. This helps make your journey adventurous and smooth.

Tour- Book your day, night, half day tours only once you reach the island. Booking in advance can only restrict your wild exploration. From island hopping to night fishing BOOK EVERYTHING ON THE SPOT!

Transform- be local to get the maximum out of the tour, keep your expectations low, and allow yourself to be out of your comfort zone .