Moye Moye Moments!

If something best I got in 2023 was being introduced to this captivating MOYE MOYE TRENDY SONG :)

Ikanshi Khanna
1 min readDec 31, 2023

I did some good research before writing this blog to understand how, when, and from where this word became Gen Z’s favorite. So the story behind is that the word Moye Moye comes from the chorus of Serbian singer Teya Dora’s 2023 song ‘Džanum’ (a repetition of the words “moje more”). In Serbian, the term ‘moje more’ means ‘my nightmares’. Repeating “my nightmares” in the chorus was enough for me to realize the thrust of the song.

After reading more about the nightmares analogy, I was thrilled to pen down some of my lived experiences that were clearly Moye Moye Moments for me.

It is the perfect time of the year as this trending song, and thousands of social media reels helped me overcome and cherish those comments and questions that once bothered me day and night. So with all the strength gained in the YEAR 2023, here I am sharing some of MY MOYE MOYE MOMENTS with you today, BUT not limited to….