Ikanshi Khanna
2 min readMar 4, 2022

In this, amidst of pandemic, I found love!

Ahh, it’s a story of a girl who has been rejected, friend-zoned, ignored, or accepted occasionally at multiple times in her life. Never she was disheartened but certainly always heartbroken:)

Not that she never had a successful love story but every story ended like her little short height. She was a confident girl since her younger hood- fighting for her rights, making strong decisions, taking challenging jobs, and what not!

Little did she know this extended pandemic will lead her to depression. A Counsellor Council of India- CCI certified member turning into a depressed soul. Meeting friends regularly or staying close to her family was the only warmth she had. Again not that she never met new people during that time, she did but now from a distance, for a brief period and only for drinks or coffee !!

She knew that all the people around her are in love but when she decided to go a little beyond she realized mostly everyone was in love with someone else. If not then they are busy finding or fetching love from someone else like me. Making each of us feel miserable and also vulnerable.

She was happy for them, but after remunerating, researching, and reading a lot there was a day when She woke with a sudden smile on her face. This was because she realized that everything ill that happened to her was for a reason. A reason she never imagined would be true!

She started to fall for someone, someone she never thought she would ever fall for. Someone who had powers always but the lack of courage never allowed to accept and share her feeling for that someone!

That, someone, was kind, filled with love, beautiful big eyes and definitely a big gorgeous heart that can never run out of love.

What supported her more in falling for that someone was her conviction and dedication to understanding that person, she waited for an answer, all she was doing was sending positive thoughts and a few exotic road trips and some crazy music which is loud enough for the person to hear about the admiration and the feeling of love!

Interestingly that SOMEONE was HER!!

She accepted her flaws and decided to forgive herself for all the wrong decisions, for all the unworthy treatment she did to herself! Only, in the end, she promised to start afresh’

She finally found love! SELF-LOVE!!

And today she is committed and all she has is A SMILE…

A smile that has confidence

A smile that had zeal and spark

A smile realising that all the madness she has gone through was WORTH IT!