I am still privileged!!

Ikanshi Khanna
2 min readMar 8, 2022

A Note to Self on this International Women’s day!!

This International women’s day I have promised myself that by no means I will allow anyone to make me feel

  • Less Privileged
  • Less Empowered
  • Less Confident
  • Less Worthy

Being born with an orthopedic condition and spending most of the childhood at the AIIMS HOSPITAL- Creating some unforgettable childhood memories between ward number 112 and bed number 43 :) as 2 years old- I am Still Privileged!

While most children of my age back then were often found cycling around the streets, and me having half tiny body covered with plaster- still managed to get featured at DD National News under the special surgery case- I am Still Privileged!

The plaster is right behind the ball- Maa you have been always there to hide my flaws

Despite having come from an extended family where choosing your life goals was always a distant dream- mending my ways to get a career that resulted in 12 plus publications adding an experience of working in 21 Indian states already- I am Still Privileged!

Being around with relatives who were always embarrassed by my height. I -could still manage to buy and own new two-stories house hands down I am Still Privileged!!

Thank you papa for believing in me!

Always being called or teased by my variety of names and sometimes humiliated to an extent that it was difficult to find a corner to cry, made me meet some great leaders and mentors who guided me to walk this challenging journey with confidence — I am Still Privileged!

Mrs. Menon- She taught me science in school but has given me lessons for life!

There is not a single-family event or office occasion where I have not witnessed gazes that make one feel inferior, yet making a pool of some crazy and ambitious set of friends- I am Still Privileged!

Always feeling positive when they are around!

Despite all odds, several disappointments, endless nightmares, uncountable heartbreaks, Yes yes yes in every sense I am PRIVILEGED!

No one is walking your journey as you, so get your hair bun uptight, throw your worries behind and dance about every little progress you made in these years whether professionally or personally!!

Because WOMAN, you are WORTH IT!